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2019 US Club Soccer SFSSL Tryouts & Registration

Gold Soccer Academy's 2019 SFSSL FINAL Tryouts & Registration on Saturday, June 1, 2019 
Gold Soccer Academy News Release -
PLANTATION, Fla. - Gold Soccer Academy is pleased to announce its 2019 US Club Soccer South Florida Summer Soccer League Final Tryouts & Registration. Gold Soccer Academy Director Todd Goodman comments on his Academy, "Since Gold Soccer Academy is not affiliated with the State Association (FYSA), we concentrate our efforts exclusively on US Club Soccer," said Goodman, who serves as a US Club Soccer id2 Scout. "We provide players from any club the opportunity to receive high-level training & very competitive matches during our supplement summer training program with limited travel & exposure to numerous player showcasing opportunities including id2 & PDP programs. We utilize a rotating staff which enhances a player’s overall development by being subjected to various teaching methods & ideologies. At the end of the summer, once our players return to their various regular season clubs, they’ve had an overall experience which is beneficial to all involved.” For any additional information, please call Todd Goodman, Director, at (954) 829-1245 or visit the club’s website at

Gold Soccer Academy 2019 SFSSL FINAL Tryouts & Registration Information:

DATE: Saturday, June 1, 2019

LOCATION: American Heritage High School, Plantation - 12200 West Broward Blvd., Plantation, Florida 33325 (All training sessions & home games will be played at this location).  

COST:  $425 All Inclusive (Includes player/league registrations, uniform package, insurance, field rentals, referee fees, & coach’s compensation). Players are to bring Proof of Birth document and photograph as those selected will be required to register immediately after their respective tryouts to ensure roster selection.

Boys Tryouts - Saturday, June 1 - Stadium

U9 - U11 (2009 - 2008) 9:00AM - 10:30AM

U12 - U13 (2007 - 2006) 9:00AM - 10:30AM

U14 - U15 (2005 - 2004) 11:00AM - 12:30PM

U16 - U18 High School (2003 - 2000) 11:00AM - 1:30PM

About the US Club Soccer id2 Olympic Development Program:


About id2:


Established in 2004, US Club Soccer’s id2 National Identification and Development Program provides an opportunity for the country’s elite youth soccer players to be identified and developed, and scouted for inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs.

The id2 Program is an Olympic Development Program (ODP) approved by the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

Founding Principles of the id2 Program:

  • The id2 Program is open to all players regardless of U.S. Soccer affiliation or lack thereof.
  • There is no cost to players to be identified for or participate in the id2 Program. For id2 Training Camps, all lodging, meals and training gear are provided at no cost by US Club Soccer and Nike. For National Selection programming, airfare/travel is also provided at no cost.
  • Players should be initially scouted within the environment they are most comfortable – their club training and competition environment. Clubs have the largest impact on player development, and club coaches and club competitions must be an integral part of the id2 Program.
  • Players are rated and evaluated for inclusion in the program based up on a combination of: (i) objective and independent scouting information; and (ii) information from the players’ regular trainers and coaches.
  • The id2 Program does not create significant additional demands on the calendar of the elite player.

The Cycles:


Targeted birth years are established every year in consultation with U.S. Soccer in order to align with the scouting priorities for the U-14 National Teams.

The upcoming cycle targeting boys born in 2004 and girls born in 2003 will include four id2 Training Camps in 2016 and National Selection programming in early 2016. Invitations for both spring 2016 camps will begin to be distributed by US Club Soccer on Feb. 1, so Directors of Coaching are encouraged to submit recommendations ASAP.

The cycle targeting boys born in 2003 and girls born in 2002 included four id2 Training Camps in 2015 and will include National Selection programming in early 2016.

Training Camps:


A comprehensive national scouting and recommendation program is used to form a pool from which top players are invited to attend an id2 Training Camp. At the camp, players work with some of the nation’s best coaches, play with and against some of the nation’s best players in their age group, and are scouted by on-site U.S. Soccer staff. In addition to on-field sessions, the camps feature guest speakers, lectures/classroom sessions and other offerings, which make for a multi-faceted learning experience.

For more information on id2 Training Camps, please visit the applicable cycle web page

National Selection Programming:


Top performers in each id2 Program cycle are selected for participation in National Selection programming, which includes:

id2 National Selection International Tours (boys):
2015 (Argentina) | 2014 (Italy) | 2013 (Spain) | 2012 (Spain) | 2011 (Scotland and England) | 2010 (Netherlands and Germany)

Nike National Training Camp, powered by ECNL and id2 (girls):
2015 (Nike WHQ) | 2014 (Nike WHQ) | 2013 (Nike WHQ)

U.S. Soccer staff also selects specific players to attend U.S. Soccer National Team programs.

About the US Club Soccer PDP Olympic Development Program:

US Club Soccer's Player Development (PDPs) are regionally based identification and developmental programs conducted within the id2 Program umbrella. PDP invitations are based upon objective scouting of elite clubs and leagues, combined with recommendations from top Directors of Coaching. Each PDP includes at least one training session and one internal competition. Some PDPs also include off-field educational components, as well. id2 Program staff are on-site at PDP events to scout players for potential inclusion in id2 Training Camps, and U.S. Soccer staff may also be on-site to scout players for potential U.S. National Team inclusion as well as conduct off-the-field lectures, seminars, coaching and other related discussions. Beginning in early 2014, as part of an expansion of US Club Soccer’s id2 Program, PDP grew to offer new expanded PDP pilot programs involving additional age groups and more frequent training opportunities for some of the country’s top players. Each PDP pilot program will include four events throughout the year, with each event including players from the U-13 through U-18 age groups. With four events over the course of the year, the developmental impact of the PDPs will significantly increase for participating players. Both the id2 Program and PDP have been granted Olympic Development Program status by the U.S. Soccer Federation and the US Olympic Committee.


About PDP events:

  • US Club Soccer’s id2 Program staff on-site to scout national team-level players for inclusion in id2 Training Camps.
  • An opportunity to play with and against some of the area’s top players in the age group.
  • Top-level facilities and equipment, including one (1) full-size 11 vs. 11 field and referees.
  • Participation of the top players within the relevant geographic area based upon an approved scouting and recommendation process.
  • Presentation to the players from U.S. Soccer staff, technical leaders, or subject matter experts.